Thursday, September 17, 2009

President Obama Speaking

President Obama Speaking

President Obama Speaking

...he was asked to leave the rally.

He left without any apparent problems.

A voice of dissent...

A member of the audience began to shout out while the President spoke.

President Obama Speaking

President Obama Speaking

President Obama Begins to Speak

President Obama Begins to Speak


University of Maryland junior Rachel Peck telling her health care story before introducing the President.

Campus President

University President Dan Mote greeting students while waiting for President Obama to speak.

The Seal

The Presidential Seal has been placed on the podium.

Event "Officially" Starts

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke spoke first.

Pledge of Allegiance

Opening Prayer


Officially running late :)

Campus Volunteer

University of Maryland Broadcast Journalism major Savannah McGregor volunteering at the rally.

Crowd Shot

BET Reporting...

Band Practice

Message of the Day

As expected, the main message of the day looks to be "stable and secure health care" as displayed inside the Comcast Center. This photograph was taken in the middle of a stadium 'wave' early in the day.

Inside Comcast

Don't Tread On Me


There were various groups outside of the Comcast Center with signs and/or talking about their views.


Someone standing near one of the parking lots outside of the Comcast Center, passing out fliers for a future rally in Rockville, MD.


Traffic isn't bad (yet).

Special Event